the Metaverse

Thanks for an amazing event on the 24th of November 2022 at Copenhagen Business School and via Livestream

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What's it all about?

We are standing on the doorstep of a new beginning of the internet. The Metaverse unlocks unexplored opportunities across various life spheres. It spans work, family, health, commerce, education, and society, and the Metaverse shapes the future of how we work, engage, and interact with each other.

At the event, you will meet a handful of the companies working with and creating the Metaverse using XR/VR and other technologies. Join the event physically or by Livestream on the 24th of November.

The Program

  1. 17:30—17:35 - Opening speech by MarketingLab
  2. 17:35—17:50 - Step into the Metaverse with Therkel Sand (Realitet.io)
  3. 17:50—18:55 - The Potentials of the Metaverse with Rune Seebach from Meta, Khora, MANND, and CopenX
  4. 18:55—19:15 - The Metaverse - A Global Outlook with KPMG
  5. 19:15—20:00 (only at CBS) - Browse the Metaverse, try demos of the VR/XR-work by Meta, Khora, and MANND + network while enjoying a burger

In collaboration with SIMS - Students' International Marketing Society

The Speakers

Jonathan Komang-Sønderbek
Rebekka Mikkelsen
Rune Seebach
Therkel Sand
Isa Bäckmark
Louise M. Ø. Nielsen
Kevin Lopes
Jonas Ginge Andersen

Networking & Demo

We invite and encourage all of the participants at CBS to stay after the talks, have a burger on the house, and try the different demonstrations by Meta, Khora, and MANND. Step into the technology and experience the different aspects of VR/XR tech and how this can be applied to the Metaverse.

Meanwhile, you have the possibility to network with other students who are just as excited about the future possibilities of this emerging technology.

The Venue